Blue Hippo Tang

Blue Hippo Tang The Blue Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) is also known as the Regal Blue Tang, Regal Tang, Blue Surgeonfish, palette surgeonfish,  blue tang, flagtail surgeonfish, Pacific regal blue tang, Yellow-tail Tang, Hepatus Tang, Blue Palette Tang, Wedgetail Blue Tang and Indo-Pacific Blue Tang. This gorgeous fish is readily available, easy to keep, and is very interesting to watch. Paracanthurus hepatus has a royal blue body, yellow tail,

Papuan Toby (Canthigasterpapua)

Papuan Toby Papuan Toby The Papuan Toby (Canthigasterpapua) is a relatively rare fish in the aquarium trade but they can make a wonderful addition to almost any saltwater aquarium.  They have a unique color pattern and possess the ability to inflate their body by swallowing water.This species is not a picky eater and can be tank-mates with many other aquatic organisms.  In this

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