The Nitrogen Cycle in an Aquarium

The Nitrogen Cycle in an Aquarium One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of an aquarium is managing the nitrogen cycle (sometimes also called the biological cycle). Most new hobbyists do not understand the difficulty of keeping fish alive in a small environment (your fish tank) and usually chalk up their fish deaths to complete mystery or any number of misdiagnosed illnesses. Experienced

7 Reasons You NEED a Custom Aquarium

7 reasons you NEED a custom aquarium    1. Aquariums are cool!  Let's face it, all the coolest celebrities have a custom aquarium, so why shouldn't you? With a properly designed custom fish tank you will be the talk of the town!  Ok, maybe not the talk of the town, but your friends will definitely be envious of your sweet new marine biotope.   2. Watching

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