Installing a Custom Glass Aquarium – Day 1: The Tank Arrives

Day 1: The Tank Arrives One of the most difficult things to do in our business is get some of these larger than life aquariums delivered and placed correctly in the customer's home. Today we began the installation of a 450 Gallon custom glass aquarium that weighed in around 1500 lbs. The aquarium itself is 92" × 32" × 36", the cabinetry underneath (and final

Papuan Toby (Canthigasterpapua)

Papuan Toby Papuan Toby The Papuan Toby (Canthigasterpapua) is a relatively rare fish in the aquarium trade but they can make a wonderful addition to almost any saltwater aquarium.  They have a unique color pattern and possess the ability to inflate their body by swallowing water.This species is not a picky eater and can be tank-mates with many other aquatic organisms.  In this

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