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Aquarium Network designs, installs, and maintains beautiful custom aquariums in both residential and commercial settings.

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Aquarium Network has been designing, installing and maintaining custom aquariums on Long Island and in the New York Tri-State area since 1969! Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and experience working with and designing freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and reef aquariums, allowing us to provide you with a unique and beautifully designed aquascape that will satisfy the needs of both the aquarium’s owner and its inhabitants.


The first step in building a new custom aquarium is to choose a design that will best suit the space and desired motif. Every execution of our custom designs demonstrates the quality and expertise of our staff. We will work with you or your architect to customize any idea you have ensuring it is not only beautiful but also practical. Once we finalize a shape, size and location for your aquarium we need to pick the best fish to go inside. Some owners are better suited for freshwater aquariums where others will want a saltwater aquarium. All of our designs keep both the health of the fish and ease of ongoing maintenance in mind. If it is too difficult to properly clean or maintain the tank the fish or aesthetic quality of your aquarium may suffer.


Our professional technicians handle all aspects of your aquarium installation creating a healthy environment for the fish. We will set up your custom aquarium and install all of the life support either under the aquarium or in a seperate filtration room depending on the size of the tank and the space available. Depending on the aquarium we are able to automate as much as the client desires. Some of the more delicate species do require a little human intervention for daily feeding, but everything else can be automatic. In some cases we are even able to fully automate the feeding with more hardy species so you wouldn’t need to be involved in anything other than enjoying your beautiful aquarium.


Proper aquarium maintenance is one of the most important factors in the health and beauty of your fish. If the aquarium in your home or office isn’t looking crystal clear or the inhabitants aren’t healthy it could be a sign of improper service. We build a custom service plan for all of our customers to keep your tank looking clean and healthy. Generally for saltwater aquariums we will perform service every 2 weeks and for freshwater every 4 weeks. The maintenance schedule can be adjusted based on a customer’s individual needs.


Aquarium Network designs the most amazing custom aquarium displays paying attention to every detail. Here is some of our recent work. Be sure to check out the full portfolio for more custom aquarium ideas.

What our customers are saying

Fantastic Service! The fellas at Aquarium Network do excellent work! They are always dependable. Our fish tanks are beautiful and maintained. Last minute emergencies, and they do the best they can to accommodate.

Virella, Jay

Excellent job installing my 180 gal. as well as maintaining it. Personal,efficient and clean,can’t say enough about Ralph and his crew.

Lintz, Alan

Aquarium Network is a professional, reliable and all around great partner to work with! They deliver what they promise and more. They always go an extra mile for their customer. We are very pleased with the quality of work Ralph and his team did for SoundWaters. After the job is done, they are always there to further advise and consult.

Camp Soundwaters

I have been using Aquarium Network for over 5 years to service our schools two 110 gallon fresh water fish tanks. In the event of an emergency (Ex, feeder or pumps fail, water level gets low) the owner is always reachable by phone and he either walks us through correcting the problem or he sends his technicians the next day to fix the problem. The guys who service the tanks are professionals, thorough and clean up after themselves. The tanks always look beautiful and the fish are healthy and happy.

Alakozai, Michele

Ralphy and Mikey are the best is the business…. From the very planning stages to the finished product my salt water aquarium is just amazing. They spend the time to carefully explain and guide you in the right direction without making you spend more then you should. Trustworthy at the most and always on call in case of an emergency. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else if you are planning to install or maintain a tank…

Nick A.

I have been a client of Aquarium Network since 2011. They installed a 600 gallon tank in my house and it has been up and running flawlessly since then. Their monthly maintenance service is excellent and they even come by to feed the fish when we are on vacation. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a spectacular fish tank, fresh water or salt water, big or small.

Fred DelG

Ralph and his family from Aquarium Network are the best. All of our tanks here at our school are absolutely beautiful. The staff is always helpful and they are always on time with there maintenance. Love you guys at Aquarium Network.

D'ambra, Sue

The best. Responsiveness is over the top. Would not use anyone else!!!! Ralph, Mike and his team are awesome

Kaspar, Michael

I started using Aquarium Network this past September. I currently have two 72 gallon salt water fish tanks with Great South Bay fish that these guys maintain for me on a weekly basis. Both tanks are maxed out fish wise but everything is perfect because of the attention they give to my tanks. They respond immediately when you need to have something taken care of. I highly recommend them!

Kenneth Larson

Aquarium network has maintained my tank for over 10 years with most of the fish now over 10 years old. They respond quickly for emergencies and do an excellent caring job. I found them by asking a rehab center with a well kept tank who was doing such a nice job on their tank. Wish the rating system would allow more than 5 stars, they deserve recognition as a quality service provider.

Robert L. Shpuntoff

Ralph and his staff have serviced my aquarium for more than 17 years. They have always been professional and courteous. They are prompt and have done an excellent job of keeping our fish happy and healthy. I would happily recommend them to others.

Virginia Bianco

This company is the BEST!!!! I trust them so much! My tank is always PERFECT and my fish are always swimming happy!! Highly recommend!!! Been using them for over 20 years!!!!

Mona Kaplan