Installing a Custom Glass Aquarium – Day 2: Filtration

Day 2: Filtration   Here is the second day of our 450 gallon custom tank build. If you haven't yet, please check out our previous post where we placed this 1500lb tank onto the stand. Today we are going to be installing the filtration to keep saltwater fish alive. Today's work required a significant amount of plumbing with 3 separate plumbing loops (open system, closed system

Custom hidden filtration in a see through aquarium This is a 210 gallon glass aquarium in a children's hospital.  The tank is viewable from all 4 sides which required custom filtration to create a seamless aquatic environment.  If you look carefully you won't see any of the filtration components. Those components look like they're doing a great job though: healthy fish, crystal clear water and a happy customer!

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