7 reasons you NEED a custom aquarium 


1. Aquariums are cool! 

Let’s face it, all the coolest celebrities have a custom aquarium, so why shouldn’t you? With a properly designed custom fish tank you will be the talk of the town!  Ok, maybe not the talk of the town, but your friends will definitely be envious of your sweet new marine biotope.

Custom Aquarium


2. Watching your aquarium for a few minutes per day will reduce stress and anxiety. 

There have been a number of studies done that praise the health benefits of contemplating the animals in your aquarium. This study examined the effects of aquariums on non institutionalized elderly and found that the aquariums had significant positive effects ‘in their diastolic blood pressure, leisure satisfaction, and relaxation states.’ Even if you don’t have high blood pressure or anxiety aquarium owners all around the world have reported reductions in stress and a sense of serenity from watching their home aquarium.



3. Aquariums are great for feng shui

Aquariums are great for feng shui because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting feng shui factors, as well as a perfect balance of all 5 feng shui elements

Feng Shui


4. Everybody’s doing it

According to the 2015-16 APPA National Pet Owners Survey: 12.3 million households in the US own a freshwater aquarium and 1.3 million households own a saltwater aquarium. That is approximately 10% of all US households that own at least one aquarium. It won’t be hard to find friends or neighbors who can help you get started in the hobby or who might want to get back into the hobby with you.

growth chart


5. Fish are much cheaper than caring for other pets

True, a properly equipped custom aquarium can be very pricey, but you won’t have expensive grooming or vet bills. Also, you won’t have to worry about your pets keeping you up at night with squawking or barking and you won’t have to take them on walks in the middle of winter.

save money


6. Aquariums are a great way to learn about the environment and to get children interested in science

Children are always very curious about their immediate environment and if you can introduce them to fish at an early age they will benefit greatly from the experience. Aquariums are very complex mini ecosystems and when executed properly can keep fish alive for many years. There is a lot of complicated science going on behind the scenes in your aquarium and with the amount of questions kids like to ask, they will surely pick up quite a bit of knowledge. From chemistry to biology to the mechanics of the equipment there is such a wide variety of things to learn about your aquarium that every child can benefit. They won’t even know you are secretly educating them!

(image from KenRockwell.com)



7. Unlike other pets you can leave your aquarium for the day and they won’t get separation anxiety

I’m looking at you cats and dogs. If you have ever had to leave your other pets for a few days (or sometimes a few hours) they can display a range of destructive habits. You never know what you’re going to come home to. With fish you know they will be exactly where you left them with no furniture destroyed and no stray poop lying around for you to find later. With a proper automatic feeder and good knowledge you can even leave your fish to go on vacation without much worry.

Custom See-Through Aquarium


– Michael Ammirati