Aquariums that fill up a room
Originally published: February 29, 2012 7:35 PM
Updated: March 1, 2012 11:48 AM
By RUTH BASHINSKY. Special to Newsday

This custom aquarium is located between the exercise This custom aquarium in a Manhasset home is

When Fred Del Gaudio was doing a renovation on his Manhasset home, he installed a 600-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with more than 30 vibrant colored tropical fish with names like Hippo Tang and Blonde Naso to a Raccoon Butterfly, a Bird Wrass, Yellow Tang and Angel Fish.

The aquarium, which is 4 feet high, 10 feet long and 24 inches wide, is situated between his Jacuzzi and exercise room.

The tank not only adds a beautiful accent to the decor but is functional as well.

“After we had the Jacuzzi put in, we needed a wall to seal off the humidity,” says Del Gaudio, 57. “Instead of a blank wall, we decided to do a fish tank built into the wall. The tank is double-sided, giving us a great view from either side of the room.”

Ralph Ammirati, the owner of Aquarium Network in Bellmore, whose company designed the tank and installed it, explains that getting the tank into the house was no easy feat. “The tank alone weighed 6,000 pounds. We put it in place prior to the house being built, so if Fred decides to move one day,” says Ammirati, “he cannot get the aquarium out of the house.”

Del Gaudio, who is a technology consultant, is already thinking about his next toy, one that would give him the specific gravity, pH, ammonia level, nitrite and alkalinity levels that will keep him in the know at all times.

“Being a techie, I want to be able to adjust my aquarium based on a proactive alerting system installed that would let me know if there is any problem, so if, for example, a parameter goes out of specifications I would get a text or email alerting me right away.”

“Now, that would be cool,” says Del Gaudio, breaking into a smile.