265 Gallon glass aquarium. We had to drill 6 holes through the bottom of the aquarium to hide all of the filtration since the tank is free standing and viewable from all 4 sides. The african cichlids in the tank have started to breed but the babies are very small and hiding in the decorations so we can’t see them in the video. You may also notice this is our first fully edited video.¬†Much more to come!

Since the filtration all had to be part of a closed system we used cartridge filters from Red Sea for both mechanical and biological filtration. If you are interested in this type of filtration it can be found here:

Mechanical filter: Ocean Clear 325 Mechanical & Chemical Filter Module

Biological Filter:Ocean Clear 318 Mechanical/Biological Filter Module

We also tied a 25w ultraviolet sterilizer in line to keep the water crystal clear. The unit we used in this install was made from Aqua Ultraviolet and can be found here:

Ultraviolet sterilizer: Aqua Ultraviolet UV 2 Inch w/wiper 25W