6 Ways to Design Large Acrylic Aquariums


Acrylic aquariums come in several sizes and shapes. So which one would you get? If round tanks aren’t your thing, consider these:


The typical rectangle is the most popular aquarium shape and the most versatile, as it can be used in any setup.  It can be placed against a wall, in the corner, or in the center of the room. We can use a wide selection of overflow types that can be placed almost anywhere in the tank. Depending on the setup, it can either be transparent or one side may have a colored background. Our standard and custom dimensions will go well with your desired specifications, lighting fixtures and coral reef inserts. We will also use a coordinating canopy and stand to hide the aquarium frames to give your aquarium a clean and polished look.


For those who want something different from the basic rectangle, the bowfront is a popular choice. This aquarium combines graceful and seamless convex front with an elegant modern design. They are used either as stand-alone systems or built-in, with the bowed portion sticking out. It can be installed into an existing wall or freestanding. We can add artificial coral reefs and a real wood cabinet and canopy to create a library style, Roman style or whatever design your room calls for. The front viewing panel can be thermoformed to varying degrees of curvature to match the room where it will be placed.


Sometimes referred to as reversed bowfront, a concave aquarium can be an alternative to the standard rectangular shape to express a modern contemporary lifestyle. It is both structurally superior and an attractive home decor. The graceful lines complement any decor and make a striking visual display from any angle. This design gives structural strength to the aquarium using the same principle of physics applied in building hydro dams. If you have a semi-circular living room or commercial space, this shape can provide “curve appeal”. We can add museum quality coral reefs to provide a realistic habitat for your fish. We can also conceal the access panels with elegant woodwork.

Corner Pentagon

If you’re using a corner, this aquarium is the perfect fit. With two vertical bends on a seamless viewing sheet, this shape is sure to become the focal point of your room. Bends will have a slight distortion surrounding the tank. We can substitute the bends with mitered seams so the distortion will not be as obvious.  The best overflow style will be used so your aquarium will not have any corners sticking out into the tank. Like the quarter cylinder, it is ideal for getting a lot of gallons into a comparatively small space.


Flat back Hexagon

This is another variation of the traditional rectangle. The flat back hexagon can be installed with custom woodwork or acrylic cabinetry with either a black or marble looking plastic laminate. Upon request, we can custom build this type of tank for whatever size your project calls for.

Custom Shapes


Odd-shaped aquarium nicely built to fit around a corner

Aquarium Network specializes in designing one-of-a-kind aquariums and is ready to work with your architect’s designs or our own custom designs. We can give you a quote for any custom size aquarium. To determine whether your idea is possible and practical, there are some factors to consider. Feel free to send us an email with your comments, queries or requests. We’re here to find the best way to satisfy your curiosity. Remember, if you can dream it, we can make it!