Aquarium Design Ideas for Round Acrylic Aquariums

Since the introduction of acrylic aquariums, different shapes of aquarium design have been added to the traditional rectangular shape. Aside from considering what size and shape look best in your home, it is important to make sure the aquarium is serviceable.  Leaving enough room above the aquarium for cleaning and below the aquarium for filtration should never be overlooked during the design process.

We’ve put together a list of shapes to help you choose the perfect aquarium. In this post we will take a look at some round fish tanks.


Aquarium Design-round tank

To transform the center of any room or a helical staircase, go for a cylinder aquarium. The cylinder aquarium offers 360 degree unobstructed viewing. It can be built in any dimensions and can hold up to 1,000 gallons of water. This type of aquarium will give a definition beyond measure and brilliantly add color, style, and life to any dull room. We can also customize your tank in another variation of cylinder, the moon view tank which is designed to hide the pillar of your room.

Half Cylinder

aquarium design- Half Cylinder
Viewed at any angle, the half cylinder will give any room a stunning makeover. This shape is perfect for those who would like a beautiful cornerstone aquarium that provides a seamless 180 degree viewing area and for those looking for something more unique than a traditional rectangle. We love customizing this type of aquarium by creating a solid color background and adding a single overflow centered on the back. Since it is made from acrylic, it will not distort like a glass half cylinders can.

Quarter Cylinder

aquarium design - Quarter Cylinder

Do you have an empty corner in your room? Make it a comfortable retreat by placing an aquarium.  For a whole new angle – whether it’s getting the most out of a floor space, increasing room functionality or just balancing an overall look – a quarter cylinder tank is your best bet. This is an ideal corner tank with a smooth, seamless viewing area.  The thermoformed front gives an elegant look. In a comparatively small space, you can have a tank that holds a lot of water . To make it largely unnoticeable, we set the overflow into the back corner at a 45 degree angle. The 2 back panels will be painted. This type of tank can also have large viewing panels and can be made in varying diameters.  The most common quarter cylinder is 92 gallons and the back walls are only 30”. Certainly a great use of a corner!

Bull nose

aquarium design - Bull nose
The bull nose aquarium is a standard model aquarium with a seamless bullet shape to allow three-side viewing. Having the shape of an oval with one flat small end, this is a popular choice for businesses like medical offices. This can also be a perfect mood setter in any home and amazingly installed as a room divider for your kitchen and living room. We can customize this either with elegantly minimalist aquascaping or an impressive assortment of ornaments to meet your desire of having a Peninsula aquarium.

Elliptical Aquarium

aquarium design - Elliptical Aquarium

Here’s an aquarium that turn heads – the elliptical aquarium. It is suspended in the air with no visual obstructions. For those who want to save floor space and want to see the beauty of the ocean in gently curving ellipse, you will surely like this sleek design. It doesn’t need a stand and like the bull nose aquarium, it is a great room divider allowing you to have all-round visibility. This is an amazing design for your home, office or commercial business. If you like this type of tank, we will guide you from choosing the right location to proper maintenance and cleaning.

What type of fish tank would you like to have? At Aquarium Network, we specialize in standard and custom built tanks. With the properties of acrylic, you have endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the shape and size of a custom tank.  If you’re on the hunt for something creative and unique, feel free to contact us. Cylinders and bends, tall or wide, we can turn your dream aquarium a reality!